Vibrationstransportører - Vibrationsfødere - Vibrationssigter

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Alvibra, a specialist in transport and handling of powder, granules and bits such as candy and nuts, has developed open and closed transport modules with built-in screening function for coated products such as candy or chocolate. In this way, you will optimise your production flow with a double function of both transport and screening at the same time and within the same space. The screening can be done with a net for powder or a perforated plate for larger items, which can easily be exchanged to other mesh or hole dimensions according to the products.

In addition to screening of coated products Alvibra also offers transport solutions that ensure an even supply of products to a multihead weigher without causing the products to “jump” or limiting the function of the multihead weigher. The closed transport modules are ideal for dusty products as they eliminate dust and residue in the working environment.


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