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Unique & Patented Vibration Technologies

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Alvibra A/S designs, develops and manufactures technical conveyance and handling solutions for various industries, which are based on, among other things, two unique and patented vibration technologies called VibraDriveTM and ViFlexTM and which have quite significant advantages compared with traditional vibration technologies.

of Alvibras Vibration Technology:

  • mechanically soundless operation
  • increased efficiency
  • lower power consumption
  • easier cleaning, better hygiene
  • no need for separate vibration dampers or special foundation
  • quicker changeover of screen and ball deck in relation to change of product etc.

for Alvibras vibratory conveyors, feeders & sifters:

  • feeding, distribution etc. of powder, foodstuffs etc.
  • conveyance of powder, pellets and granular products etc.
  • screening, dust removal, dewatering or fractionation of powder, foodstuffs etc.
  • compacting products, for example, in connection with packing processes or similar


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