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Vibratory Sifters

Alvibra’s vibratory sifters solve a number of different tasks in connection with handling and screening of powder, pellets and granular products. Depending on the product the screening can either take place in open or closed systems, where the closed systems are specifically used in connection with extremely dusty, coloured or toxic products or in connection with the demand for a high degree of hygiene.

Various tasks that can be mentioned are, among other things:

  • fractionation; screening where product sorting is done according to particle size
  • dewatering; the water is drained off before the product is carried onto the subsequent process
  • separation; removing lumps and preserving the final product’s homogenous quality
  • dust removal; the dust is screened out, so the product appears pure and cleansed of very fine particles.
  • control screening; as an entry or exit control of products, where screening of unwanted particles or foreign objects is required.

Depending on the task the sifters can either be closed and dust proof or completely open. The closed sifters are equipped with dust proof inspection covers. Furthermore, the sifters can be equipped with CIP systems for easy cleaning. Depending on the product the interior surface can be supplied in sanitary designs such as USDA and 3A.

In connection with fine mesh openings or products difficult to screen the sifters can also be installed with Alvibra’s special QuickLockTM ball deck, which can be installed and dismantled in a few minutes and ensures that the screen mesh is kept clean during the whole screening process.

Alvibra’s vibratory sifters are operated and controlled simply and efficiently by means of Alvibra’s own VibraControlTM or by integrating a frequency convertor in an external control panel.
Alvibra uses vibration technology which has great advantages and savings in relation to traditional technologies. Thus no demands are made concerning vibration dampers or special foundation.
This technology, which we call VibraDriveTM offers, among others, the following unique advantages:

  • very silent
  • increased efficiency
  • lower power consumption
  • much lower construction height
  • lighter and more cost effective design
  • can be manufactured in lengths up to 32 m
  • no need for vibration dampers or a special foundation

If you have a task in your production which can be solved with vibrating screens, then we are at your disposal if you need guidance and we will gladly carry out a test with regard to the test screening of the relevant product at our test centre.

Alvibra Vibratory Screen – Closed, driven by classic vibration motors

The Alvibra Vibratory Screen – Closed is a closed, classic, free swinging vibratory screen, driven by two classic, vibration motors. The Screen is, as standard, available in stainless steel (304) and in other grades depending upon application.

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