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The Simple Solution for Efficient Transport of Powder and Granule

Specialist in vibration technology Alvibra has developed a simple, modular powder transport system for industries handling powder and small granule, ranging from fragile food to hazardous chemical powders.

This is made possible by our unique VibraDrive technology, utilising vibration to move powder and granules forward in an extremely energy saving way. In addition, the VibraDrive Conveyors can be placed directly cn the floor, do not require any special carrying structure and allocate usually no vibrations to the floor.     

Benefits for powder and small granule handling industries

  • Modular system with single transport units up to 30+ meters
  • Lightweight conveyors with space saving design and low height
  • More than 40-60% savings in power consumption with fast, efficient transport
  • Quick start and stop for more precise handling
  • No vibration absorbers or special floor installations required for most solutions
  • No segregation of ingredients
  • Virtually soundless mechanical operation
  • Easy to clean and minimum maintenance costs
  • Closed circuit transport eliminating the hazards and costs of contamination, dust extraction and continuous cleaning

Alvibra - meeting the demands from the industry

VibraDrive is developed to meet demands that cannot be met by traditional vibration techniques. This highly efficient technology complies with the demand for a compact, light, modular design, adaptable to practically any production site and space simultaneously addressing today´s requirement for energy savings and very low noise level. These features are continuously improved through innovative developments to strengthen our position as a leading specialist in the transporting and handling of powder and granule.

Alvibra also produces VibraDrive Sifters and VibraDrive Feeders in modular units to match the conveyor system for complete modular industry solutions.

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